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SERVPRO Can Provide Five Easy Solutions to Water Damage Mitigation in Belle Isle--Call Us Times 5

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO Can Provide Five Easy Solutions to Water Damage Mitigation in Belle Isle--Call Us Times 5 Ponding Water Outside in Belle Isle, Or in a Home--Avoid Hazards and Extensive Damage and Call SERVPRO for Removal

Five Situations Where In-Place Drying Is Inappropriate for Belle Isle Homeowners

Water removal and restoration is an extensive process. To clean, dry and restore your home to pre-water damage condition, experts use advanced technology. There comes a time when in-place drying seems like the best choice. Well, there are situations where it is inappropriate. Here are five examples where in-place drying is not necessary.

Black or Gray water damage
Black water contains unsanitary agents, harmful fungi and bacteria. As water removal experts in Belle Isle, we always warn homeowners not to come into contact with Black Water. Doing so can result in sickness. Classified as Category 3, sources include sewage, standing water and rising water from rivers. Gray Water is Category 2 water and contains contaminants too. This water can also cause illness if exposed to it. Often this water originated as clean, potable water but absorbed undesirable and contaminated elements from the environment. Is your home flooded with Gray or Black water? Then in-place drying is not recommended.
Presence of sensitive items
If your electronics, papers, books and even artwork are damaged by water, top-down drying is also not recommended. In-place drying calls for the removal of water without moving anything out of your home. Since sensitive items cannot be dried in place, this method is inappropriate. We can offer lyophilization where we freeze-dry papers, documents, and such and then under a vacuuming process, draw the sublimated moisture directed from the frozen state to the gaseous phase, thus eliminating the wetness effect of liquid. It just takes the right equipment manned by a skilled SERVPRO technician.

Evidence of structural damage
If water removal experts detect structural damage to your subflooring, they cannot proceed unless the support can hold the weight of the equipment. Typically, if it cannot, a controlled demolition can be required to stymie the water damage from continuing unabated.

Evidence of mold growth
If flooding has lasted for more than 72 hours in your home, mold growth may have already started. In this case, in-place drying cannot be used. Using this method can spread the spores to other rooms. This exposes your family to health effects.

Non-porous pad
During top-down drying, your carpet is never rolled back. This is the same with the pad. SERVPRO water removal experts use air movers, dehumidifiers and water extraction equipment to dry your pad. If it has a non-porous layer, the carpet can trap water underneath. This makes the water extraction process more complicated. Floating a carpet can be an option as we strive to restore and not replaced materials after a water loss.

SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights is a leader in the water removal and restoration industry. As experts, we provide 24-hour emergency service to help minimize the damage to your home. To get the job done right the first time, call our 24/7 emergency line at (407) 985-3200.

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Use Our Technicians' Knowledge to Quickly Dry Out Your Sky Lake Fabric Store After Water Damage

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Use Our Technicians' Knowledge to Quickly Dry Out Your Sky Lake Fabric Store After Water Damage Water damage in your material store can cause a great deal of damage to your inventory. Make haste to contact SERVPRO for best results.

Commercial Water Removal for Your Sky Lake Fabric Store's Water Woes

Many people in Sky Lake love to sew their own clothing so they can make sure their latest outfit is unique and one-of-a-kind. Many homemade gifts for children that they can use to explore their creativity also require fabric and various notions and tools when you make them. Coming to your store means a visit to a clean and safe place where customers can let their imaginations and creativity wander and gain inspiration.
When a leak in your roof lets the rain pour into your business, you need to start the process of commercial water removal in Sky Lake to get everything cleaned up and safe again. The safety of your employees and customers can become compromised by standing puddles of water. Mold that begins to grow in the presence of this new source of water becomes apparent in only 24 to 48 hours after the incident.
SERVPRO has the tools and machinery to get such messes cleaned up and resolved, making the interior environment of your store “Like it never even happened” quickly and thoroughly. The dyes in many materials can bleed into others, but we can cut away these stained lengths on the bolts, leaving as much as possible to air dry in individual drying chambers. We can dispose of these discolored lengths of fabric for you or dry them for packaging if sewing enthusiasts might take an interest in these pieces.
We can clean and dry your inventory that comes in its individual packaging, bottles, and similar items so you can still offer these to your customers. We understand that disasters like this can harm many businesses financially so we do everything we can to help you recover quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Because companies often fail afterward, planning on such events with our READY Profile Plan can help you. September is also National Preparedness Month, and this is one way to take a role in helping your business become even stronger.
To ensure your store's environment remains clean, we also remove all of the debris and place air scrubbers strategically, so air currents help us remove any dust or spores, as well as other microscopic particles from the air. This dust can come from our work, or the area where the rain came into your store.
SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights can help you recover fastest after a disaster involving water of any category. Commercial water removal and cleanup gets your business back to how you want. Call us at (407) 985-3200 to get your Belle Isle or Edgewood business back together again.

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How SERVPRO Fixes Flood Damage Caused By Hurricanes To Your Belle Isle Property

9/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How SERVPRO Fixes Flood Damage Caused By Hurricanes To Your Belle Isle Property If you ever notice problems after hurricane aftermath hits call SERVPRO!

Flood Damage Experts In Belle Isle Talk About Hurricanes

The months of August and September is the time of year that hurricanes are common to hit coastal parts of the U.S. and their aftermath could affect the Belle Isle area. Hurricanes bring about massive rain and wind speeds over 100 miles per hour that can both cause your property extensive flood damage. Storms often develop out on the sea this time of year and gain their strength when they are in the middle of the ocean and surrounded only by water. Last year, seventeen tropical storms formed on the Atlantic, ten of them turned into hurricanes, and six of the ten were category three hurricanes or higher. Once they hit land, they weaken, but rainstorms can continue to head inland and cause flood damage in places far away from the coastline.

As we all know hurricanes can be one of the most devastating types of natural disasters. These storms can get so brutal that even homeowners in Belle Isle plan for flood damage when hurricanes get close to the Atlantic coast. September is national preparedness month, so it is the official time to make sure you are prepared in case bad things happen.

Also, when a big storm is on the forecast everyone that lives anywhere near the hurricane that is on its way should have a disaster plan tested and ready. Our SERVPRO team can help you be prepared, and we can come over and show you things you should do to minimize damage when you establish us as your certified restoration contractor and have us go through a preparedness plan with you.

If you set up a plan and have a contractor ready to begin work if something happens it can make the repair process after storm issues much more simple. Once our SERVPRO crew is designated as your primary mitigation company, we will go out to your home and figure out where all of the power and water shutoffs are as well as figure out anything else we may need to begin work immediately. Once problems occur, we will already be a few steps ahead when we arrive at your residence.

If you ever notice problems after hurricane aftermath hits, call SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200 any day of the week and any time of the day.

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Never Get Stressed When Your Pine Castle Property Experiences Mold Damage

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Never Get Stressed When Your Pine Castle Property Experiences Mold Damage For Significant Mold Infestations in a Pine Castle Property We Recommend to Call SERVPRO for Professional Remediation and Cleanup

SERVPRO Can Inspect and Plan a Mold Remediation Solution for Your Pine Castle Home

Once we determine your building is safe to enter during mold damage remediation, moisture and visual mold assessment follow. When we are assessing the site, we look out for signs of mold growth, water damage, standing water, and we also talk to the property owner. We check behind the wallpaper, insulation, carpet backing and wallboard. Evaluation of attics and crawl spaces in your Pine Castle property is essential during the inspection.
If the walls or surfaces of your Pine Castle home have stains or some discoloration, there are chances that mold damage is present. Visible fuzzy growths on surfaces and earthy odors can also support that possibility. Surfaces whose moisture content is around 20% and over are vulnerable to mold growth and possible decomposition when the area is made of wood or cellulose composite. We use moisture meters when determining the material’s moisture content.
By looking at the level of contamination, our SERVPRO technicians are in a position to choose suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The four primary levels of mold contamination are level 1 (covering 10 square feet or less), level 2 (over 10 - 30 square feet), level 3 (over 30 - 100 square feet), and level 4 (exceed 100 square feet). Some of the PPE that we use include work boots, goggles, disposable overalls, earplugs, and N95–Disposable Respirators. When working in extensively contaminated areas, OSHA recommends the use of full-face or half-face respirators with P, N, or R100 cartridge.
In some cases, it is not possible to salvage porous items with visible mold, which means they should be discarded. Items that fall under that category are some drywall surfaces, textiles, upholstery, carpet padding, clothing, books, papers, and rugs. We place materials for disposal in plastic trash bags to reduce the potential for mold exposure and cross-contamination.
SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights has been in the cleaning and restoration industry for a long time and uses advanced equipment and technology to do the work. Call us at (407) 985-3200 to discover the several options we use to restore properties after a mishap or disaster.

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Water Removal is a Process in Sky Lake

9/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal is a Process in Sky Lake When water damage wreaks havoc on your home, call SERVPRO to dry out your property.

Team SERVPRO Arrives at Your Home with BOTH Water Detection and Water Removal Equipment

Natural Flood, pipe leaks, sewer backup, washer overflow, toilet problems, and pump failure can wreak water havoc to your home in Sky Lake. You may feel like you have lost all control of your home, and it can only get worse if you hire a company that rips and tears your walls, furniture, carpet, and other personal belongings out of its place. This process can leave you clutching your chest in agony as well as a hole in your wallet.
Water removal in Sky Lake is not an easy task. Homeowners often try to clean the water problems without consulting the experts, which would only cause more damage and problems. There are a lot of components that are involved in water damage restoration. It's not something that a beginner should consider tackling. You would need to replace everything that was involved in the water damage immediately. If you ignore this process, then mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria can grow in your house. Hiring a water restoration company is a smart decision because they have all the tools that are needed to take out extra water to prevent further damage. Plus, a thorough cleaning and drying process would require an experienced water damage restoration services.
A SERVPRO technician would contact you to arrange a service within one hour of notice that water damage has occurred. Then within four hours, a uniformed, trained techs would be on-site to start the mitigation service, which is a fast acting method of extracting water out of the area. These technicians would use advanced technology such as moisture sensors, moisture meters, and Thermohygrometers to detect the amount of moisture in the air. These equipment help them determine the best drying process that would get the job done.
SERVPRO has other high-tech equipment such as the extractor to help remove water from carpets and other flooring material. Air movers would enhance evaporation to reduce drying time. Dehumidifiers would extract water vapor from the air. After removing all the water, they would use deodorizer equipment such as thermal foggers to produce the fog that has tiny particles of deodorant solutions to neutralize any odor caused by the water damage. Afterward, these technicians would perform a thorough walk-through with you to make sure that you are delighted with the service.
With SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights, you can expect reliable and excellent customer services and experts to get the job done. Call (919) 790-1222 to set up an appointment to speak with our skilled and experienced technicians.

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Determining The Right Cleaning Methods During Fire Damage Restoration In Conway

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Determining The Right Cleaning Methods During Fire Damage Restoration In Conway If you want to reduce the claim of a fire damage incident, then seeking for restoration and cleaning services can help.

Cleaning Methods During Fire Damage Restoration

If you want to reduce the claim of a fire damage incident, then seeking for restoration and cleaning services can help. Ending up replacing what was restorable is expensive, and that is why you need to make the right decisions as soon as you can. Cleaning is part of the work that professional restorers perform when responding to such events in Conway. We're going to cover some of the principles of cleaning that we follow when returning your contents to their preloss condition.
When our SERVPRO team arrives at your Conway home to attend to fire damage, we perform a site inspection which helps us to locate the smoke particles. Usually, the inspection starts from the point where the fire started from; then we determine how far the residues have traveled within the building. It's a huge mistake to assume that all smoke residues all the same. A fire burns different items, which means that different smoke particles can be in the same area. Identifying the different particles helps us to come up with the most appropriate cleaning method.
Our SERVPRO team also selects a cleaning method which preserves the surface or material that has the smoke residues. Some cleaning techniques may be too aggressive to the point of making some surfaces or materials unsalvageable. At this point, we're ready to capture and remove the particles. Remember, there was an interaction of different proportions of moisture, gases, oxygen, and heat during the formation of the smoke particles. These variables make it challenging to choose a defined cleaning method to fix all fire damage incidents.
To break the bond between the residues and the surface, we use an understanding of the elements of cleaning - temperature, time, chemical action and agitation. Chemical reactions speed up as the temperature increases, so we have to settle on right temperature - which usually depends on the item we are cleaning and the cleaning agent we are using.
SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights does the job right the first time. You can call us at (407) 985-3200 and let our experienced technicians make your business or home “Like it never even happened.”

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Pine Castle Mold Remediation Information for Commercial Warehouses

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Pine Castle Mold Remediation Information for Commercial Warehouses SERVPRO Removes Water Swiftly for Mold Remediation to Pine Castle Areas Warehouses and Commercial Buildings

SERVPRO Can Cleanup Mold Damage in Pine Castle Business Structures

If a slow water leak ever develops in your manufacturing plant located in Pine Castle, many problems can develop if the source is not repaired quickly. Any time water gets into a building it follows gravity and affects the lowest level the most. Many warehouses and offices utilize ground level areas for storage of products and materials. When water gets into these lower level storage facilities water can damage not only the building's structure but the items and inventory you have stored as well. If objects and building materials stay wet for an extended period, then many more issues can take place. Stored products remaining wet can cause damage over time such as rusting metal parts, ruined insulation and mold growth. Water can also cause drywall to lose its structural integrity and fall apart. If wooden materials stay wet, they can warp or curve. Cartons are composed of an organic substance and have the potential of being a food source for fungi.
Sometimes a slow leak can take place at your business, and the problems go unnoticed for a long time. Most commercial mold damage projects in Pine Castle result from a water leak that did not get promptly mitigated after it happened. After a building has been wet for longer than 48 hours, microbial growth can take place. Once microbes form the contamination and spores can spread to other areas of the structure.
When first arriving at your manufacturing plant, our SERVPRO technicians inspect the area. Once the mold infested rooms or sections are uncovered, we take measure to prevent the spreading of spores. To do this, we can isolate using poly sheeting the contaminated parts of your building so that spores and mold particles to not spread to unaffected regions of the structure.
Once our SERVPRO restoration team establishes a containment area, we then figure out what items can be treated and restored and which materials are non-salvageable. When working at your place of business, we conduct all of our procedures so that the process is as smooth flowing for you and your insurance company. We can pack-out inventory and products for off-site cleaning if necessary.
When working with mold, extra precautions must be taken so that particles do not spread and cause air quality issues at your plant. Fungi can cause health effects with some people so if you ever notice microbial growth at your business, call SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200 24/7.

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Reacting Quickly to Flooding in Your Edgewood Home

8/5/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Reacting Quickly to Flooding in Your Edgewood Home Flooding and storm damage can be quite overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO for effective drying out services after a disaster.

Team SERVPRO Answers Your Call Fast When it Comes to Drying Out Your Property After Flooding

Widespread natural disasters are not new developments to those with houses in Edgewood. The present threat of severe weather allowing for flooding and varying degrees of damage to the outside of a home is familiar to homeowners here, but still something that many fail to prepare for as they should. Being ready for a situation like this can not only get your home restored quickly, but can ultimately save you money.

With high powered winds and torrential rainfall, even the best-constructed homes throughout the area become susceptible to flood damages in Edgewood. It is more about what you do in this situation that determines the extent of the damage that you ultimately experience, which often goes well beyond the situation which allowed the floodwater to enter your home in the first place.

Calling SERVPRO, even amid the flooding disaster is a wise decision to make. Our mitigation team can head out quickly to help you limit the damages that your home experiences, often by boarding up or tarping over entry points for the floodwater to get inside. This process stops the flow in, and we can get to removing at-risk contents of your home from the area as part of our pack-out procedure.

When flooding throughout the neighborhood takes place, restoration companies are spread thin helping multiple houses overcome the damages they have sustained and bringing them back to preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO technicians also get spread out among multiple jobs running simultaneously, and so calling our team right away when disaster strikes can help you to be among the first houses that get this restoration work completed. Ultimately, this allows for fewer damages overall in your home and helps you move on from the disaster much more quickly.

There are countless scenarios it would seem that allow for flooding to occur in your home, but finding the right team to help you clean up the mess and get back to the way things used to be does not have to be difficult. You can always count on the prompt service of our experienced SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights restoration technicians. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (407) 985-3200.

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Water Damage Experts In Edgewood Talk About The Different Types Of Humidity

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Experts In Edgewood Talk About The Different Types Of Humidity Relative and Specific Humidity Affect SERVPRO's Water Damage Restoration Techniques in Edgewood Homes

Moisture Level Affects Water Recovery in Edgewood Area Homes

Whenever excessive moisture gets inside a building in Edgewood, the types of problems it causes can be grouped into two categories. When water leaks from a pipe or an appliance, it can cause problems as it comes into contact with contents and building materials. Anything that happens as a result of direct contact with liquid water such as the delamination of carpet is considered primary damage. Once water gets inside a structure, it naturally raises humidity levels indoors when moisture from wet materials evaporates into the air. Elevated humidity levels can also cause issues with building materials as water transfers from the air to materials that are not wet to reach equilibrium. When water vapor is the primary cause of the structural problems, they get classified as secondary damage.
Extraction procedures help reduce primary issues, and structural drying helps mitigate both types of problems. When our SERVPRO technicians deal with any kind of water damage situation near Edgewood, we monitor relative and specific humidity. Controlling humidity levels in a structure help speed up structural drying times. Wet materials dry out faster if the humidity inside a building is kept as low as possible using air movers and dehumidifiers. Monitoring and strategic placement of these devices optimize drying times. When we keep humidity levels low, we also reduce the amount of water vapor in the air, therefore, causing less secondary issues.
Relative humidity is a measure of how much water is in the air at any given temperature. RH is expressed as a percentage so if the relative humidity is 100% then the air is holding as much moisture as it can at that temperature. At this point, if not sooner, condensation can occur inside the building. "Raining" inside your home can only exacerbate the already water damaging effects. Air can hold more water at higher temperatures so increasing the temperature inside a house will lower the relative humidity inside it.
Since the temperature has such a huge effect on relative humidity, it is not always a good gauge as to how much water exists in the air. Specific humidity is the actual amount of moisture in the air. When our SERVPRO technicians measure specific humidity, they are counting the actual grains of moisture in each pound of air. To find specific humidity, we measure relative humidity levels and the room's temperature. We then put these numbers in a psychrometric chart that gives us the grains per pound number.
Using a psychrometric chart can come in handy when rapidly drying structural components. If you ever need help with issues related to water or humidity, call SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200 24 hours a day.

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Is There a Good Mold That Can Grow in Your Sky Lake Home?

7/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is There a Good Mold That Can Grow in Your Sky Lake Home? When you find mold spreading in the corner of your bathroom or in any other spot, it is time to contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts.

Team SERVPRO Understands Both How to Find Mold and How to Help Prevent a Recurring Mold Infestation

There is much misinformation out there about mold and fungal growth. Primarily, this confusion stems from what is considered to be “good mold” and what can potentially cause health effects for you and other occupants of your Sky Lake home. While mold has allowed for one of the most substantial breakthroughs in medical treatment (Penicillin) dating back to its discovery in a petri dish in 1928, there is no variety of mold growing in your home that can have a positive effect.
This fact makes it all the more important that you take the discovery of mold damages in your Sky Lake residence very seriously. As mentioned above, exposure to mold growth can cause health effects. Not only this, but thriving mold colonies can degrade organic materials like the framework acting as the primary supports and load-bearing fixtures of your house.
Our SERVPRO professionals ensure that each of our qualified applied microbial remediation technicians gets fitted with the best protective equipment before entering a home with thriving mold colonies. This approach is to prevent the spread of this colony elsewhere, but also to ensure the safety of our technicians throughout the remediation process.
Often homeowners are not aware just how widespread mold colonies can become if they do not get handled as quickly as possible. These active spores continue to seat and thrive in moist, warm environments. Soon the spread of these colonies is challenging even for professional remediation technicians like our SERVPRO team to handle.
Taking care of the mold in your home is as much about mitigation as it is about remediation or restoration. The sooner that you can react to the discovery of mold damages in your home, the faster that our technicians can get to work on removing these colonies and restoring the damage that they have caused.
Finding mold growing in your home is nothing that any homeowner wants to see, but it is an unfortunate reality for many in the area on account of the heat and humidity. If you find, or believe you might have a colony growing in your home, do not hesitate to call our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights remediation technicians. You can reach us 24/7 at (407) 985-3200.
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