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When A Disaster Strikes In Your Orlando Home, Call Our Crew!

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO When A Disaster Strikes In Your Orlando Home, Call Our Crew! Give our professionals a call anytime that you need us at (407) 985-3200.

Why SERVPRO Is The Choice For Restoration In Orlando

With decades of experience across the restoration services that we offer the Orlando area, we know how to help when every minute counts. We have ready trailers and service vehicles prepared to roll out from our SERVPRO facility 24/7 to address the harsh effects of water, fire, storm, and mold losses. We also have trained professionals to handle more specific recovery niches like air duct cleaning, biohazard cleaning, abatement, and reconstruction efforts. These talents, aiding in every facet of the work that we offer our customers, improve our efficiency and effectiveness in your home or business.

Storm damage in Orlando homes is a common situation that our SERVPRO professionals must address. With central Florida susceptible to the severe storms from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, properties in this midsection must remain prepared for inevitable run-ins with hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, damaging winds, and other harmful conditions. Our ability to handle these situations is partly due to our commitment to the training and growth of our restoration specialists, ensuring that each of these loss incidents gets technicians that can:

    •    Extract and dry up floodwater (WRT – Water Restoration Technician)
    •    Clean contaminated areas where they exist (Biohazard Cleaning)
    •    Deploy air movers and dehumidifiers for effective drying solutions (ASD – Applied Structural Drying)
    •    Clean Carpets and other flooring types (CCT – Carpet Cleaning Technician)
    •    Prevent microbial growth or address present colonization (AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)

The other aspect that has allowed our disaster relief team to become so successful in the Greater Orlando area is our commitment to having the top-tier equipment that gets the job done quickly and correctly. We keep storm trucks stocked at all times with a deep inventory of recovery and mitigation tools, including submersible pumps, engine-driven trash pumps, power washers, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

We can offer a full-service approach amid a crisis so that our customers do not have to waste time finding secondary contractors to handle other aspects of their recovery. We have the skilled professionals to perform board up and tarping services for your residence amid flood penetration. We can also oversee full-scale reconstruction once mitigation completes in your Orlando property.

We know how easily water loss incidents can develop, and that is why training our restoration technicians in this niche is a constant and continual process. The science of restoring water damage in Orlando homes is evolving and consistently changing, and so our professionals have to move along with it – putting these new practices and equipment into use to help our customers with the most efficient and practical approach. This commitment to customer satisfaction and a positive outcome in loss incidents goes far beyond our training with the IICRC.

Our restoration team has access to equipment and machines that far exceed the limitations of conventional recovery tools. The truck-mounted water extractors that our SERVPRO team uses, for example, can handle the removal of thousands of gallons of water every day. This vehicle, combined with multiple other impressive pieces of equipment, sets our professionals apart in water damage restoration for the Orlando area.

We also have the capability of addressing large loss water damage in Orlando commercial properties and houses. With a total of 33 years of industry experience and a roster that features Commercial Drying Specialists (CDS) and those with WRT and ASD endorsements, no job is too big or too complicated for our field technicians with the right approach, equipment, and attitude.

With the thousands of structures, our team is responsible for in the Orlando area alone, the possibility of fire damage is a persistent threat. Knowing the best approach to handle each of these conditions hinges on the severity of the situation and what materials, surfaces, and contents have become affected. Our IICRC-Certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) and those with additional training in areas like odor control and upholstery/carpet cleaning have access to the leading inventory of recovery tools and products that can help our team to make loss incidents quickly “Like it never even happened.”

Much of our efficiency in fire recovery stems from these advanced and cutting-edge machines. Soot removal and cleaning, for example, often fall to a combination of specially-formulated cleaning agents and products with automated surface scrubbers that can eliminate residues on surfaces. We can also reduce or eliminate the damage to other fire and mold damaged surfaces in an Orlando house with dry ice blasting and soda blasting machines.

Every minute counts in fire recovery, so our technicians not only obtain IICRC certifications, but train to gain an understanding of how fire damage in Orlando homes and businesses spreads, and the best approaches to overcome these effects.

Before our certified AMRTs can set up containment barriers and begin the often-intricate process of mold remediation in your Orlando home or business – our professionals must locate the source of the moisture and dampness. Without adequately identifying how the water damage occurred that facilitated mold growth, these conditions are likely to happen again.

Sometimes the humid conditions are enough to generate these hazardous circumstances, as interior humidity above 60% can allow for mold growth on the walls, ceilings, and other organic materials. The initial approach is to establish isolation zones with the use of our powerful negative air machines in conjunction with physical plastic sheeting. Mold damage in Orlando homes can spread quickly and harmfully without these containment barriers.

If our technicians reach the situation in your Orlando residence fast enough, many of the hosting materials can get repaired with the use of sophisticated equipment like dry ice blasting machines and soda-blasting equipment. These approaches can remove mold debris without harming the surface and substrate.

Orlando is a highly active area of the country, and as such, the threats of emergencies and disasters never cease. You can count on the swift response of our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights team in a crisis. Give our professionals a call anytime that you need us at (407) 985-3200.,_Florida

The Nature of Smoke and Soot Dictate Clean Up Practices after Orlando Fire Damage

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Nature of Smoke and Soot Dictate Clean Up Practices after Orlando Fire Damage Greasy Protein Fires Are Very Smelly--Call SERVPRO in Orlando for Fire Loss Cleanup and Restoration

Professionals Who Mitigate Fire Damage in Orlando Describe the Different Types of Smoke

If you ever suffer from a structural blaze inside your Orlando home, it is always smart to contact a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO immediately. Our fire damage restoration crews know the best techniques to refinish and restore burnt and soiled items to prevent replacement. When dealing with burnt materials, smoke, which consists of partially combusted particles, can add to the extent of your problems.

When mitigating any fire damage in Orlando, our SERVPRO technicians know to use different chemicals and techniques when removing residues left behind by the various types of smoke. In most situations, smoke, and the soils it leaves behind can be classified into one of the following four categories or a combination of them. By knowing what type of smoke was present, we can pick the best method to remove soot residues on the various surfaces of your building materials and contents.

1. Dry Smoke
Most fires go through stages of creating both wet and dry smoke. However, usually, fires will have more of one type than the other. Dry smoke gets created by fast-burning, oxygen-rich burns. Dry smoke is also usually created when organic materials like wood, paper, or natural fabrics burn.

2. Wet Smoke
Whether a fire produces a majority of wet or dry smoke depends on the amount of oxygen present, the rate of combustion, and the type of substance that is burning. When the fire is starved by oxygen and burns at a lower temperature, it produces a wet smoke. Wet smoke is also created when synthetic materials such as rubber or plastic burns. Wet smoke usually adheres stronger to most surfaces and is difficult to remove and clean.

3. Protein Residues
Protein residues can be found any time products such as meat, poultry, or fish burn. When a fire starts inside your kitchen, there is a good chance that protein residues can exist. These residues leave behind a yellow or amber discoloration, but it can sometimes be clear and hard to see on a surface. Protein residues leave behind strong odors making deodorization the biggest issue when dealing with them.

4. Fuel Oil Soots
Furnace puff-backs can create fuel oil residues that consist of dust particles from the ventilation system and fuel oils that did not burn all the way. This type of soot usually has a gray or black color and can consist of large or small particles. Often, the electrically charged ions form spiderweb-like formations in corners that can smear readily if not vacuumed and sponged off correctly.

If a fire ever ignites inside your Pine Castle, Belle Isle, or Barber Park house, it is wise to contact SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at  
(407) 985-3200.

Is Water Damage Being Stored in Your Orlando Crawlspace?

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Is Water Damage Being Stored in Your Orlando Crawlspace? SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights is ready to dry your crawlspace. Call us today!

Crawlspace Restoration after Water Damage in your Orlando Property

After long periods of heavy rainfall, you may discover excess water in the crawlspaces of your home. These areas can be especially difficult to restore by yourself for several reasons.  Access points may be small, or the ground is dirt or mud resulting in grey or black water contamination issues.  Also, ground settling may create uneven footings that could be dangerous as well as the presence of loose wiring and electrics. Using a professional to restore these areas ensures not only your safety but also the long term health of your property.

We have expert technicians available for the restoration of water damage in Orlando and the surrounding area. We also have a specific method for restoring crawlspaces that may have excess moisture resulting from slow leaks or heavy rainfall. The biggest challenge we face in this kind of restoration is finding a way to bring in specific equipment like dehumidifiers or extraction units.  We may also need to temporarily remove insulation to gain proper access to the affected area.

Since crawlspaces are often narrow and enclosed, any water residing there is slow to evaporate naturally. SERVPRO can combat this by blocking off foundation vents and putting up drying tents to create a closed drying system. A closed drying system allows us to concentrate our efforts on a particular area of the crawlspace by establishing artificial airflow and dehumidification. We do this by using a combination of rapid air-movers fitted with large flex hoses to evaporate moisture with desiccant dehumidifiers deployed to then remove that moisture from the air.

Throughout the process of drying a crawlspace, SERVPRO monitors the relative humidity using thermal hygrometers and moisture content readings from insulation or structure. This measuring ensures that the restoration procedure is going as expected.  It also ensures the conditions inside your crawlspace do not promote mold growth, which can be exceptionally damaging throughout your home. We recommend homeowners install a vapor barrier after the restoration of a crawlspace which can prevent plumbing rust as well as electrical shorts.  

As soon as you notice the presence of water in your crawlspace, contact SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200.

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Fast Action Is Vital When Your Orlando Pawn Shop Experiences A Water Damage Disaster

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fast Action Is Vital When Your Orlando Pawn Shop Experiences A Water Damage Disaster When a sudden burst pipe spews water onto your property, always quickly call for help.

Act Swiftly When You Need Water Cleanup Services For Your Orlando Pawn Shop

No owner wants to find themselves in a situation where they should reach out for local water cleanup services. Indoor flooding can occur from a variety of sources, but in the case of your pawn shop, a broken ceiling pipe is to blame. Before you managed to turn the water to your building off, hundreds of gallons spilled onto the floor of your shop, surrounding precious antiques and other valuable merchandise.

In order to maximize the chances of the remediation inside of your pawn shop succeeding without hiccups, you should reach out for local Orlando water cleanup services immediately. Addressing the damage swiftly, and cleaning up the standing water as quickly as possible, can lessen the water damage inside of your shop. The faster you get help, the better it can be for your business.

Once you call SERVPRO, we immediately can assemble a team of our highly trained water damage restoration technicians (WRT) and then send them to your shop. We are always quick and strive to get to your business as quickly as possible because we understand how valuable time is. Getting the flow of foot traffic back to normal as swiftly as we can is something we pride ourselves on at SERVPRO. Furthermore, while you wait for our technicians to arrive, you could begin to remove any merchandise from the area that is still dry, so you can feel like you're not merely waiting for your merchandise to become damaged in the meantime.

Once our WRT arrive at your pawn shop, we can immediately begin to set up equipment to remove the standing water inside of your shop. At SERVPRO, we use extracting wands and rovers, as well as wet/dry vacuums. We can immediately see to drying any pieces you worry for and ensure that any remaining excess moisture is addressed by using the appropriate equipment. By the end of the job, we hope to leave your shop feeling, “Like it never even happened.”

When a sudden burst pipe spews water onto your property, always quickly call for help. Speak with SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights by calling (407) 985-3200. No matter the time, we're here for you.

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Our Certified Professionals Will Respond Right Away To Restore Your Orlando Home After Flood Damage Has Struck

7/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Certified Professionals Will Respond Right Away To Restore Your Orlando Home After Flood Damage Has Struck Our team showed up right away to restore this home office after a storm induced broken pipe led to standing water on this engineered flooring.

Flood Damage Orlando – Creek Overflows

Heavy rains associated with thunderstorms in the area often cause local creeks and rivers to rise quickly. Within minutes, water can inundate a home, causing a great deal of damage to the contents of your home, flooring, and walls. In the high humidity and temperatures typical to Florida, mold can materialize quickly if water removal, drying, and restoration does not begin immediately.

This is where SERVPRO can respond quickly during storms to your flood damage event in Orlando. Our crews have extensive experience dealing with these types of events. Our technicians are IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.) We receive on-going training in water restoration techniques, drying, and applied microbial remediation techniques. Our Green Fleet is stocked with advanced equipment, tools, and cleaning products, so when we arrive, we are ready to start the cleanup and restoration services.

Once on site, SERVPRO can assess the situation and formulate the appropriate response. We can focus on securing your home from further damage by boarding up open windows and doors. Standing water can be pumped out using submersible pumps or even truck mounted pumps if needed. After the pooling water has been removed, the dehumidification and drying process can begin. Electrical systems and appliances can become compromised during the flooding. We can assess these systems and also ensure that the environment is safe for entry.

An evaluation determines what is salvageable regarding the structural elements and contents. SERVPRO technicians can discard or move items before the restoration of flooring and walls can be started. Our objective is to restore your home and property to its original state. We can collaborate with your insurance company our documented work, which can include the CCIS Contents Claim Inventory System cataloging of affected materials and possessions.

Call SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200 for 24/7 service. We also serve Pine Castle, Wadeview Park and several more local communities in the area. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster in your area.

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How to Dry Water Damaged Flooring in Orlando

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Dry Water Damaged Flooring in Orlando If water is not quickly removed from hardwood floors, warping and buckling can occur.

Water Damage to Floors and Carpets in Orlando Needs Professional Attention 

A gleaming hardwood floor or expanse of beautifully soft carpeting is the first impression family and guests have when walking into your Orlando home. If a water loss spreads across the oak, cherry, or exotic wood or saturates the carpet and padding a bucket and mop or household fan is inadequate to resolve the problem. Engaging a reliable full-service remediation company to help with recovery is the approach that delivers the most successful results. 

Water damage in Orlando stems from many causes. Plumbing leaks and appliance breakdowns are by far the most common. Fortunately, supply line breaches are usually a Category 1 water emergency, meaning that fast action can save structural components and fixtures like carpets in many cases. The water is relatively free of contaminants, and if removed within 24 to 48 hours mold growth potential minimizes. 

The SERVPRO team arrives as soon as possible after your call, and an assessment and project planning complete quickly. Using equipment stocked on our service vehicles, our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Reconstruction Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians implement the plan immediately. 

When hardwood floors receive water damage, we use pumps and extractors to remove visible water. Then we set up negative air pressure systems by sealing mats to the floor and hoses connected to powerful extraction machinery to suction water from between the planks and subfloor. Our technicians use state-of-the-art moisture metering and thermal imaging equipment to ensure no pockets of liquid water lie trapped beneath as we work across the surface of the floor. Hardwood floors can appear dry yet wick up moisture from saturated substrate. Development of cupping or crowning if moisture persists distorts the smoothness of the surface and signals continuing water deterioration. 

Carpeting needs special attention. SERVPRO experts inspect the extent of the water damage and use wanded extractors to mitigate or limit the migration of moisture to unaffected areas of the floor covering. Once we contain the spreading moisture, weighted wands allow us to dry many carpets in place. Removal of the padding might be a recommendation as it is inexpensive to replace yet holds large quantities of water. Our technicians use great care when extracting the water, avoiding stretching the fabric of the carpet, which can cause delamination, which is the separation of the carpet from its backing. Multiple passes ensure we remove all water eventually. Thorough removal makes the final drying phase with heated air movers and dehumidifiers less time and energy consuming, and more effective as well.  

SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights invests in the training and the equipment needed to return your water damaged floors and carpet to “Like it never even happened.” One call, day or night, to (407) 985-3200 sets the remediation process in motion. 

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You Can Contact Us 24/7 If Your Orlando Apartment Experiences A Fire

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage You Can Contact Us 24/7 If Your Orlando Apartment Experiences A Fire Give our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights response team a call anytime that you need us at (407) 985-3200.

Fire Debris Removal In Your Orlando Apartment

Most insurance policies, regardless of what they may and may not cover for your Orlando apartment after a fire loss incident, have coverage in place for fire debris removal services. This process, along with the damage assessment of your property, can prove vital in securing a damage claim from this insurance provider so that our professionals can get to work on your apartment. During this cleanup, our team can often also offer approaches to reduce the presence of harmful contaminants and hazards.

Fire cleanup is an important step to take, even when you are unsure of all of the coverage options and activities available to your Orlando property after a fire loss incident. One of the first calls that you should make once you have reached out to our competent SERVPRO professionals to begin this cleaning and recovery of your apartment is to your insurance provider. An agent can walk you through all of the facets of your insurance plan, including which restorative practices an approved damage claim can cover.

Our experts strive to provide every client with the same level of care and consideration for their property after a fire loss incident, and debris removal is a good example of this. With intricate controlled demolition techniques to remove specific damaged areas of drywall, flooring, and other materials, we can ultimately save our customers both time and money on the later reconstruction to follow.

With moderate mitigation work accompanying this debris removal, our SERVPRO team can help to address indoor air quality concerns in your unit with the use of our advanced tools and equipment. This technology ensures that the damages present in your apartment do not have the opportunity to spread through shared walls, ducts, and other avenues to affect new units.

Fire damage in apartments can be a challenge to overcome, especially without the full working knowledge of the insurance coverage that you have for your unit. Give our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights response team a call anytime that you need us at (407) 985-3200.

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Here is What You Should Do With Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Orlando Business

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Here is What You Should Do With Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Orlando Business Don't let your business be taken over by water damage. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Some of the Most Regular Water Damages We See in Orlando Hotels

Water damage can happen anywhere in a hotel, but some areas and types of damage happen far more often than others. When problems go beyond simple cleanup and sanitation matters, your cleaning personnel or company may be ill-equipped to handle the consequences of significant water damage. SERVPRO specializes in providing fast and complete services for hotels in the area, ensuring that rooms stay clean, undamaged, and pleasant-smelling after the incident. If any of these common problems happen in your building, call us or use our Emergency Ready Profile system to get a crew of technicians to your location.

Overflowing Sinks and Bathtubs

One of the most common reasons for us to be called into a hotel in Orlando for water damage cleanup and restoration is when a guest causes a sink or bathtub to overflow. Determining when and why these problems happen can be difficult while guests remain in their rooms so it may not be uncommon to only find out about the matter days later or when water starts to leak elsewhere and cause further damages. SERVPRO inspectors create a detailed assessment of the situation to understand what specific problems might come from these scenarios and can provide an estimate of our work times and costs.

Water Line Leaks and Breaks

With so many water lines running throughout the building, it may not be uncommon for them to leak or burst, especially when they are very old. Be sure to call us as soon as you suspect that a water line may have been ruptured, as the speed of our response may be critical to prevent as much damage as possible. To avoid most water line problems in your hotel, make sure that pipes receive semi-regular maintenance and checkups.

Left-Open Windows

If guests can open windows in the rooms of your hotel, they may sometimes forget to close them before a storm rolls through the area. Rain pouring in through an open window can cause significant damage to the furniture and carpeting of the room, but most of the worst effects can be prevented through a quick call to and response from SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights can handle both small, isolated incidents and large-scale disasters throughout an entire building. For the best outcomes, call us as quickly as possible after an incident at (407) 985-3200.

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When Foul Odors Plague Your Orlando Residence You Need To Call Our Crew!

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Foul Odors Plague Your Orlando Residence You Need To Call Our Crew! Our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights water restoration specialists can work quickly to make flood effects “Like it never even happened.”

Removing Flood Odors From Your Orlando Residence

While many homeowners tend to think of the structural and immediate effects of a flood incident in their Orlando property, many other damaging symptoms can prove challenging to live with or endure. Resolving even these secondary effects can become simple with the appropriate choice in restoration specialists. Our team has the experience, and advanced equipment to address primary and secondary effects after a flood damages your home to get things back to normal as promptly as possible.

Odors can often be flood damage effects that get overlooked in Orlando homes because they are not as pressing or immediately damaging as standing water, oversaturation, or the facilitation of mold and fungal growth. With natural disasters with rising water levels from creeks, streams, and bodies of water around your home, the threat for contaminated water is high, which can allow for significant damages on its own including a lingering foul odor that must get addressed.

Our SERVPRO team have strong cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly. By cleaning nearby surfaces and structural elements, we can protect areas of your property that were not directly affected and damaged by the floodwater. Contamination is a significant threat when black water exists, and exposed surfaces can absorb bacteria, dirt, and other harmful particulates. The existence of these threats can be the source for foul odors that persist even after extraction and drying have taken place.

The professionals that head out to your flood-damaged address arrive with many tools to address lingering harsh odors on the property including our hydroxyl generators which can both clean out harmful particulates and debris in the air including mold spores along with addressing the foul odors. Also, our SERVPRO professionals can also use direct machines like our thermal and UV fogging units that can directly impact the presence of strong odor molecules.

We have many tools and machines that can help to address the many effects of flooding in area homes. Our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights water restoration specialists can work quickly to make flood effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call whenever disaster strikes at (407) 985-3200.

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SERVPRO Secures and Restores Orlando Residents' Contents after a Flooding while Mitigating the Structural Damage

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Secures and Restores Orlando Residents' Contents after a Flooding while Mitigating the Structural Damage Storm or Flooding Problems in Orlando? SERVPRO Covers the Map for Cleanup and Restoration

Pack-Out Possibilities When Flood Damage Strikes in Orlando

The chaos and stress of post-storm flooding in your Orlando home can paralyze you. With water and debris everywhere in your home, and quite possibly severe damage to your roof, windows, doors, and siding, you need fast, reliable help. Our team of disaster remediation experts has proven strategies to help you and your family through this difficult time.

We often recommend a pack-out after flood damage to your Orlando home. Furnishings, household goods, documents, and personal possessions can be moved to a dry and safe space on your property or transported to our production facility. Removing the items permits our crews to move throughout flooded areas in your home unimpeded, extracting water, doing demolition if and where needed, and drying out the structure faster without the need to work around contents.

SERVPRO uses a detailed and secure Content Claims Inventory System (CCIS) to document and track the items we move out. Lists, digital pictures, and barcoding ensure we have a complete record of the articles. We collaborate with your insurance company to make sure the efforts we make to clean, dry, and restore the pack-out inventory are covered to the extent of your contract. It is typically less expensive to restore items than to discard and replace them. We help you save time, money, and memories.

Our production facility technicians are skilled in innovative techniques such as freeze-drying for document and picture restoration. Flood waters can be contaminated, so we work to ensure the packed-out items receive effective disinfectant treatment. SERVPRO provides temperature and humidity-controlled smaller chambers to dry out furnishings and electronics. Be advised that modern electronics often need precise cleaning from specialty companies. We have piston-driven Esporta washing equipment to clean soft items and immersion tubs and ultrasonic equipment to loosen flood-debris soiling from blinds and intricately detailed decor and other items.

Meanwhile, SERVPRO crews at your house secure the exterior damage with boards and tarp, moving on to extracting, containing, and disposing of the flood waters according to local regulations. We can spray and treat soiled areas with EPA-registered disinfectants before using commercial-quality air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to ready your home for the return of the packed-out items. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights awaits your call to (407) 985-3200. Contact us for an evaluation of your flood damage and rapid remediation of your home and a professional pack-out of floodwater-damaged items.

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