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Reacting Quickly to Flooding in Your Edgewood Home

8/5/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Reacting Quickly to Flooding in Your Edgewood Home Flooding and storm damage can be quite overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO for effective drying out services after a disaster.

Team SERVPRO Answers Your Call Fast When it Comes to Drying Out Your Property After Flooding

Widespread natural disasters are not new developments to those with houses in Edgewood. The present threat of severe weather allowing for flooding and varying degrees of damage to the outside of a home is familiar to homeowners here, but still something that many fail to prepare for as they should. Being ready for a situation like this can not only get your home restored quickly, but can ultimately save you money.

With high powered winds and torrential rainfall, even the best-constructed homes throughout the area become susceptible to flood damages in Edgewood. It is more about what you do in this situation that determines the extent of the damage that you ultimately experience, which often goes well beyond the situation which allowed the floodwater to enter your home in the first place.

Calling SERVPRO, even amid the flooding disaster is a wise decision to make. Our mitigation team can head out quickly to help you limit the damages that your home experiences, often by boarding up or tarping over entry points for the floodwater to get inside. This process stops the flow in, and we can get to removing at-risk contents of your home from the area as part of our pack-out procedure.

When flooding throughout the neighborhood takes place, restoration companies are spread thin helping multiple houses overcome the damages they have sustained and bringing them back to preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO technicians also get spread out among multiple jobs running simultaneously, and so calling our team right away when disaster strikes can help you to be among the first houses that get this restoration work completed. Ultimately, this allows for fewer damages overall in your home and helps you move on from the disaster much more quickly.

There are countless scenarios it would seem that allow for flooding to occur in your home, but finding the right team to help you clean up the mess and get back to the way things used to be does not have to be difficult. You can always count on the prompt service of our experienced SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights restoration technicians. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (407) 985-3200.

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Water Damage Experts In Edgewood Talk About The Different Types Of Humidity

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Experts In Edgewood Talk About The Different Types Of Humidity Relative and Specific Humidity Affect SERVPRO's Water Damage Restoration Techniques in Edgewood Homes

Moisture Level Affects Water Recovery in Edgewood Area Homes

Whenever excessive moisture gets inside a building in Edgewood, the types of problems it causes can be grouped into two categories. When water leaks from a pipe or an appliance, it can cause problems as it comes into contact with contents and building materials. Anything that happens as a result of direct contact with liquid water such as the delamination of carpet is considered primary damage. Once water gets inside a structure, it naturally raises humidity levels indoors when moisture from wet materials evaporates into the air. Elevated humidity levels can also cause issues with building materials as water transfers from the air to materials that are not wet to reach equilibrium. When water vapor is the primary cause of the structural problems, they get classified as secondary damage.
Extraction procedures help reduce primary issues, and structural drying helps mitigate both types of problems. When our SERVPRO technicians deal with any kind of water damage situation near Edgewood, we monitor relative and specific humidity. Controlling humidity levels in a structure help speed up structural drying times. Wet materials dry out faster if the humidity inside a building is kept as low as possible using air movers and dehumidifiers. Monitoring and strategic placement of these devices optimize drying times. When we keep humidity levels low, we also reduce the amount of water vapor in the air, therefore, causing less secondary issues.
Relative humidity is a measure of how much water is in the air at any given temperature. RH is expressed as a percentage so if the relative humidity is 100% then the air is holding as much moisture as it can at that temperature. At this point, if not sooner, condensation can occur inside the building. "Raining" inside your home can only exacerbate the already water damaging effects. Air can hold more water at higher temperatures so increasing the temperature inside a house will lower the relative humidity inside it.
Since the temperature has such a huge effect on relative humidity, it is not always a good gauge as to how much water exists in the air. Specific humidity is the actual amount of moisture in the air. When our SERVPRO technicians measure specific humidity, they are counting the actual grains of moisture in each pound of air. To find specific humidity, we measure relative humidity levels and the room's temperature. We then put these numbers in a psychrometric chart that gives us the grains per pound number.
Using a psychrometric chart can come in handy when rapidly drying structural components. If you ever need help with issues related to water or humidity, call SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200 24 hours a day.

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Is There a Good Mold That Can Grow in Your Sky Lake Home?

7/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is There a Good Mold That Can Grow in Your Sky Lake Home? When you find mold spreading in the corner of your bathroom or in any other spot, it is time to contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts.

Team SERVPRO Understands Both How to Find Mold and How to Help Prevent a Recurring Mold Infestation

There is much misinformation out there about mold and fungal growth. Primarily, this confusion stems from what is considered to be “good mold” and what can potentially cause health effects for you and other occupants of your Sky Lake home. While mold has allowed for one of the most substantial breakthroughs in medical treatment (Penicillin) dating back to its discovery in a petri dish in 1928, there is no variety of mold growing in your home that can have a positive effect.
This fact makes it all the more important that you take the discovery of mold damages in your Sky Lake residence very seriously. As mentioned above, exposure to mold growth can cause health effects. Not only this, but thriving mold colonies can degrade organic materials like the framework acting as the primary supports and load-bearing fixtures of your house.
Our SERVPRO professionals ensure that each of our qualified applied microbial remediation technicians gets fitted with the best protective equipment before entering a home with thriving mold colonies. This approach is to prevent the spread of this colony elsewhere, but also to ensure the safety of our technicians throughout the remediation process.
Often homeowners are not aware just how widespread mold colonies can become if they do not get handled as quickly as possible. These active spores continue to seat and thrive in moist, warm environments. Soon the spread of these colonies is challenging even for professional remediation technicians like our SERVPRO team to handle.
Taking care of the mold in your home is as much about mitigation as it is about remediation or restoration. The sooner that you can react to the discovery of mold damages in your home, the faster that our technicians can get to work on removing these colonies and restoring the damage that they have caused.
Finding mold growing in your home is nothing that any homeowner wants to see, but it is an unfortunate reality for many in the area on account of the heat and humidity. If you find, or believe you might have a colony growing in your home, do not hesitate to call our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights remediation technicians. You can reach us 24/7 at (407) 985-3200.
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Fire Damage Experts In Belle Isle Talk About Inspecting Your Home's Contents

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Experts In Belle Isle Talk About Inspecting Your Home's Contents A fire's flames and the heat they produce can spread quickly burning anything in its way as fuel.

Fire Damage Experts Talk About Inspecting Your Home's Contents

Any time something burns on your Belle Isle property, several issues can arise. A fire's flames and the heat they produce can spread quickly burning anything in its way as fuel. In many cases, structural components that make up the building get severely burnt and charred to the point that removal is necessary. Aside from what burns in the fire, smoke coming from it can also ruin parts of your house.

Smoke leaves behind soot residues on surfaces inside your home and can cause foul aromas to linger. Every fire damage project in Belle Isle typically involves removing ruined structural components and dealing with smoke-related issues. Before work begins, our SERVPRO professionals inspect the structure and figure out the overall scope of the job.

When inspecting a damaged home for the first time, we assess all of the obviously torched items first, then determine where smoke traveled inside the house. Once we determine which rooms got affected, our SERVPRO technicians then figure out the severity of the soot damage. We first inspect the parts of a building smoke usually affects such as the ceiling and upper parts of walls and come up with the best technique to clean the structural materials.

After our SERVPRO crew inspects your structure, we check all of your possessions and see if they got negatively affected by the loss. The best way to tell if soils exist on an item is to use the contrast method. In many scenarios, we accomplish this by cleaning a spot of an object and comparing it to the dirty parts. Some of your contents such as tables possibly have unaffected areas that were covered by tablecloths or dinner mats. These areas get exposed, and we compare the unaffected section to the areas where smoke touched.

The next step of the inspection process is to clean a part of each affected item and see which chemicals work best for each type of material. When formulating the project's scope, we keep a record of what types of things were soiled and the best methods found to clean them.

Once we pinpoint every item in the home that got damaged, we then give an estimate of the time and equipment we will need to complete the work. If you ever find your personal property covered in soils or residues after a blaze, call SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights at (407) 985-3200 24/7.

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Stopping And Preventing Flood Damage In Belle Isle

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Stopping And Preventing Flood Damage In Belle Isle Belle Isle Storm Damaged Crawlspaces Get Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Remove Water, and Restore Your Belle Isle Property After a Storm

Surrounding Lake Conway means Belle Isle residents can suffer through flooding even when a recent storm might not be as powerful as several from last year. Such a large body of water can cause problems that homeowners in other parts of the state do not deal with regularly.
In this situation, flood damage to Belle Isle homes can include water intrusion through the foundation. SERVPRO Restoration understands that even a small crack or seep can lead to major damage if not repaired quickly. If the homeowner suspects a problem or finds a crack in the outside foundation wall, one of our inspectors performs a complete check. That may include digging down around the foundation until an exterior crack is exposed and examining where it meets the concrete pad. Under extreme water penetrations or structural damage a general contractor should be called in for a fortification as required. We can then carry on with water removal and water damage mitigation. Hydraulic concrete can be applied to the fissures in an attempt to inhibit water penetration. Next, SERVPRO technicians seal the foundation walls with a liquid rubber compound. If applied correctly, this compound prevents water from entering the foundation. The seal remains intact unless something happens to shift the home off the foundation.
As team members complete application of the liquid rubber, others enter the crawlspace under the home to look for puddles or other signs of water intrusion. The stormwater must be removed and dehumidification methods employed to remove excess moisture. We suggest encapsulation of the crawlspace area for future mitigation of storm damage. If they find any cracks or seeps, they use the same hydraulic and masonry cement to seal and protect the interior walls. Applying the liquid rubber is not necessary for the crawlspace.
If our inspector found no cracks or seeps on the exterior walls, our specialists still use preventive actions to protect the home. They examine the gutters and drains to make sure rainwater runs away from home and not down the wall to pool along the foundation. Repair length varies from a few hours to much longer, depending on the damage and restoration needed. This may involve securing the drains or gutters to the walls and eaves.
Protecting your home from floods and storms is our goal at SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights. If you have a flooding issue or want to prepare your home from the next storm, call us at (407) 985-3200 today. We are here for you.

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Your Pine Castle Venue Requires Rapid Water Damage Cleanup

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Your Pine Castle Venue Requires Rapid Water Damage Cleanup With a packed schedule and people counting on your venue, the last thing you need to contend with is water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup

Your Pine Castle event venue is likely reaching the time of the year where it gets a steady booking schedule. Parties are coming in and out of the facility every day, leaving minimal time for the staff to work on cleaning up the place and assessing any potential problems. With such a wide variety of patrons and events, you never know what kind of damage a group of people could cause unknowingly. For example, leaving faucets on in the facility bathrooms with the stoppers in could lead to widespread water throughout all of the neighboring areas to this room.

With a packed schedule and people counting on your Pine Castle venue, the last thing you need to contend with is water damage. Fortunately, you have professional restoration services that can respond quickly and get things back to the way they should be as promptly as possible.

Our SERVPRO professionals can quickly assess the full scope of the damage and determine the tools and equipment necessary to restore it. In situations like this, clean up often involves the basic elements of wet-vacs with extraction wants, mops and air movers to help dry out the floors. Unless this damage has been sitting there for several days, the bulk of the damage itself is just in the widespread water on the floors.

Of course, our SERVPRO team implements equipment like infrared thermal imagery to identify the presence of moisture inside of spaces that cannot get easily seen. This process allows our technicians to see inside of wall cavities, below flooring, and into the area above the ceiling to identify threats out of the line of sight. If found, various equipment gets used to ensure the area is thoroughly dry.

While your business lives by a strict schedule, you can rarely account for the inevitability of something going wrong. Fortunately, our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights professionals responds quickly to help clean up the mess and limit the time you are without your facility. Give us a call 24/7 at (407) 985-3200.

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Why Choose Professional Mold Damage Remediation In Belle Isle?

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Choose Professional Mold Damage Remediation In Belle Isle? Mold Remediation Needed in Belle Isle? Just Call the Professionals from SERVPRO

Belle Isle Homeowners Realize that SERVPRO Provides the Solutions for Mold Cleanup and Removal

It can be a badge of honor for some Belle Isle homeowners to try to manage as many home improvement and maintenance projects as possible on their own. Although many tasks complete successfully with some research and a little elbow grease, remediating mold damage is a job best left to experts. Our technicians have the knowledge, products, and equipment necessary for proper mold abatement.
A thorough understanding of the life cycle of fungi and characteristics of household mold damage requires hands-on training few Belle Isle homeowners possess. It can be tempting to believe a cursory treatment with a diluted bleach solution and a cover-up with some mildew-resistant paint resolves the problem. We make sure our crew members master advanced classes in mold remediation and thoroughly consider all aspects of potential mold resurgence if the moisture that fuels microbial growth is not addressed.
The success of SERVPRO’s professional mold remediation relies upon information learned in Applied Microbial Remediation Technician training from the IICRC and protocols developed by the EPA. Mold can never be eliminated, and any company that promises such a result is not being transparent with clients. Mold spores are found everywhere, including both indoor and outdoor settings, impractical to eradicate in a household. Without a regular source of moisture, however, mold spores cause little to no damage. Consequently, finding and recommending a permanent fix to water incursion must be part of any remediation.
Once the spores absorb water, including scenarios where indoor humidity exceeds 60 percent, the fungi reproduce and multiply into colonies. Only oxygen and moisture are needed, meaning mold growth can remain hidden to the eye, easily spreading between walls and under eaves and flooring. A musty smell can be the only sign, and the edge of a colony seen in a damp corner of an attic or under a sink may be just a small sample of a much more massive unseen infestation. SERVPRO employees holding the Applied Microbial Remediation Technician certification realize the futility of treating just the apparent mold damage. We investigate the situation fully, discovering the extent of the mold damage and devising a plan to contain and remove it.
When we take on your mold remediation challenge, we make sure you and your family remain protected during the removal of colonies through effective containment strategies. Physical barriers and negative pressure air scrubbers keep mold debris away from unaffected spaces as we work. HEPA filters remove spores and mold fragments from your indoor air, and EPA registered antimicrobials inhibit recurrence of mold growth.
SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights encourages you to reach out to us for high-quality mold remediation services. Call us at (407) 985-3200 to set up a mold damage evaluation and abatement plan.

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Thorough Restoration Work Following Water Damage In Your Edgewood Home

5/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Thorough Restoration Work Following Water Damage In Your Edgewood Home Preventing water damage to your Edgewood home can often be an impossible task.

Water Damage In Your Home

Of all of the things in your Edgewood home that could get ruined by the presence of water where it should not be, one of the things most at risk is drywall and flooring materials. These elements often get placed directly in the line of fire when you have a water emergency, or even just a moderate incident. While you might not be able to prevent the damaging effects water can have on these elements entirely, fast reaction times can allow for a lessened severity of these issues.

Preventing water damage to your Edgewood home can often be an impossible task. There are far too many potential sources and variables to safeguard your home completely, so the most suitable solution is to have professional restoration services you recognize and trust prepared for when something goes amiss. The faster that you can reach out to SERVPRO and our professionals, the more efficient we can be at removing the water, repairing the source of the problem, and getting your home back to pre-damage condition.

Our SERVPRO technicians can appreciate that every situation is different. Therefore, various tools and equipment are a necessity from job to job to finish them successfully. One common thread is the use of drying equipment like air movers and dehumidification machines, as this is the industry standard in moisture removal for residences and commercial properties.

Unfortunately, much of the water damage that homeowners face ultimately affects flooring or drywall throughout the home, and removal and replacement can sometimes be a requirement when the material gets too severely damaged to salvage. Depending on the magnitude of this replacement task, our professionals can often do this rebuilding themselves as part of the restoration plan.

Overcoming water damage in your home is never something that homeowners want to contend with, but these things do happen. If they happen to you, believe in our SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights water restoration specialists to help you return your home to its prior conditions. Give us a call anytime at (407) 985-3200.

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Overloading an Outlet can Cause Fire Damage to Pine Castle Homes

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Overloading an Outlet can Cause Fire Damage to Pine Castle Homes SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights is locally owned and operated and here to restore your fire damage.

SERVPRO Has What it Takes to  Restore your Pine Castle Home From Fire Damage

People in Pine Castle increasingly find themselves with too few outlets in their home for all of the gadgets and different pieces of equipment owned by members of their family. Either as a primary power source or to charge the battery for regular use, the number of available outlets in older homes rarely suffices. Only twenty years ago the number of electronic pieces in the home numbered only a fraction of what many households own today.

When too few outlets exist and extension cords, extra outlets, and plug adaptors become used more frequently in a Pine Castle home, fire damage often happens due to the overloading of electrical systems. Although this may seem unlikely to younger members of the family, the dangers posed in plugging too many devices in at one time become reality for many homeowners nationwide.

When SERVPRO technicians encounter this type of fire damage, we ensure that electricity no longer runs to the area. Water from firefighters can also damage electronics devices, in addition to making them dangerous to power on, so please never hit their power button to see if a device still works. We must unplug all devices still connected to power sources so we can package them to safely store undamaged ones and prepare damaged ones for possible repair with one of our partners who specializes in electronics repair and restoration.

Your home's interior can also suffer severe fire damage and smoke-covered surfaces. Our technicians can readily handle all stages and levels of severity. Fires can happen at any time, including during the night when devices charge for the next day's use. When your home is unoccupied, fires can slowly spread before a neighbor notices smoke seeping through closed windows. Fires starting from overloaded outlets are not always caught early.

Our technicians can help you and your family by mitigating the effects of a fire and making your home safe again. Some of the effects of fire might not be easily seen but nevertheless still exist, posing hidden danger spots in your once-safe home. Restoration and mitigation of fire damaged residences includes removal of destroyed materials and belongings (which we discuss with you in detail), repair of materials only slightly damaged or simply covered in soot and grime, airing out your home as part of the desiccant process, and odor control techniques that make the interior of your home safe for structural restoration work to begin.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The technicians and specialists at SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights can help minimize the amount of time your family deals with fire damage in your Belle Isle or Sky Lake home, restoring its safety and helping make it "Like it never even happened." Here for you when accidents happen, call our 24-hour service line at (407) 985-3200 so we can get started working for you.

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Professional Mold Remediation For Your Conway Movie Theater

5/6/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Professional Mold Remediation For Your Conway Movie Theater Make sure that your loyal patrons do not find a new movie theater to frequent by calling SERVPRO at the first sight or smell of mold.

SERVPRO Quickly Investigates and Remediates a Business Mold Infestation

Movie theaters are a common sight to see throughout the Conway area, as this is one of the iconic date night activities available to people of all ages. Day after day, you might see hundreds of people come in and out of your business looking for their slice of entertainment, so the last thing that you need is the presence of mold to shut your doors for an extended period while you figure out how to handle the situation.

What many business owners do not understand about commercial mold damages they find in their Conway properties, is that the creation of these colonies is rather simple. All that omnipresent spores in the environment need to grow and thrive is moisture, warmer temperatures and some variety of organic material to seat the organism. Once these conditions get met, your business is continually at risk for the development of mold and fungal growths.

Often finding the source of the moisture in the affected areas is sufficient for preventing the majority of this present risk, but the damage could have already occurred. The best way to identify the progression of mold in your business, whether there are clear signs of colonies or not, is to allow SERVPRO to conduct an inspection of the property to look for signs of fungal growth and to assess your risks of forming colonies.

Our experienced mold remediation specialists have several unique approaches to restoring the damage that mold can do to your business, and ones that do not have to keep your doors closed a moment longer than they need to be. The faster that our SERVPRO technicians can get the problem under control in your movie theater, the sooner that your regular customers can get allowed back in for their silver screen fixations.

While it might not seem like mold growth is that pressing of an issue from a business standpoint, mold may cause health effects for those exposed. This fact puts not only your staff in line for these potential effects but also every person who comes to the theater as a viewer. Trust our experienced remediation specialists at SERVPRO of Conway / Holden Heights to help you get back to the way your business used to be prompt. Call us today at (407) 985-3200.

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